• Teamwork


    A single player on the field is a victim and...

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  • Attitude


    The most important factor in becoming a Tango is Attitude....

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  • Tactical


    Communications help us coordinate strikes and attacks more efficiently. With...

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  • Assault


    Sometimes it’s just about hunting down and shooting the other...

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  • Strategy


    ‘Strategy’ is out planning and out thinking your opponent. ‘Tactics’...

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Are you ready to crank up your paintball game?

Check out all the benefits of being a part of one of the Carolina's most fun paintball teams!

Imagine playing an adrenaline filled sport where you have a unit of coordinated teammates backing you up with automatic weapons!Welcome to Team: Tango Alpha2! Camaraderie, professional communications equipment, organized events, military style uniforms, and a dozen trained goofballs covering your back!

We're not about egos, Rambos, or Navy SEAL wannabes. We're about wanting to have fun and promoting paintball. If you have a thick skin, can taking getting your chops busted (ALOT!), and like playing paintball as a coordinated unit on a regular basis, have we got the team for you!

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